The Educational Arm of The Gene Box. Designed only for Nutritionists, Dieticians, Fitness Coaches, Health Advisors, and students interested.

Mumbai, India. 24 May,2021 . The Gene Box, a leading company in the world of DNA Testing and predictive analysis for wellness and research has come up with an idea. With a mission to enlighten the world of the impacts and benefits that genetics have in living a healthy life, they have initiated a web portal called The Gene Box Academy. …

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A certified course that will help you get a deeper understanding of how genetics, nutrition, and diet are interrelated to each other. It will provide an insight into how nutrigenomics plays an important role in identifying and providing a cure to most chronic diseases.

It will start by taking you through the basics of genetics, followed by its impact on our daily lives.

Today diseases that include obesity, cancer, diabetes, etc are responsible for millions of death worldwide. …

Nutrigenomics is the future and a must to excel skill for nutritionist, dietician, fitness trainer, and everyone who is involved in understand and consulting diet.

The Masters of Genetics

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“Rice is bad for weight!” But have you wondered that many rice eater communities, in fact, have leaner frames?

Why is that? I hear you say, “It is in their genes”.

Yes, it is how their genes react to the rice. So basically, rice is not the problem, but there is Nutrigenomics at play here.

What is Nutrigenomics?

The Worlds Most Relevant Beer Competition. Judging & Awarding Beers on Quality, Value & Packaging.

London Beer Competition

London Beer Competition is back with the 3rd Round in 2020. We had received entries from across the globe. Many of our awards were taken home by some of the best beers from remote areas. Our winners have witnessed exposure after their bottles were associated with London Competitions label.

The London Beer Competition 2020 entries are now open and you could save £70 before 31st July 2019, Hurry! Enter here.

Recognising, Rewarding and Promoting

The London Beer Competition looks to recognise, reward and help promote…

The Worlds Most Relevant Spirits Competition is Open for Submission.

Entries are Open. Judged on Quality, Value & Packaging. Hurry! Save £50 before 31st July 2019.

The London Spirits Competition is back after the huge success of its 2nd year. The competition, due to its unique approach to judging spirits, has been recognized as a unique and ideal spirits competition among all the other spirits judging events.

London Spirits Competition Judges

Entries are Open to the World’s Most Relevant Wine Competition. Judged on Quality, Value & Packaging. Hurry! Super Early Bird Offer is about the end in 3days.

The London Wine Competition is back after the huge success of its 2nd year. The competition, due to its unique approach to judging wines, has been recognized as a unique and ideal wine competition among all the other wine judging events.

It might not be on minds of people yet, but food security is a looming issue!

Let’s start with a simple question …What is food security ?

Food security is a situation that exists when all people, at all times, have physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life.

In simple language, food security is a condition related to the availability of food supply and individual’s access to it.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, identified the four pillars of food security as availability, access, utilization, and stability.

Now let’s take a look at scenario in…

Lets figure out the relationship between the two and how can both go hand in hand to help the firm grow.

Industries where people are working with complex and potential dangerous facilities, a well covered training is necessary. Specially in industries like Oil & Natural Gas where changes of accident and mishaps are high. In such scenarios it is beneficial to have a safe space to practice maintenance, train new staff, and carry out the design projects. This helps to deal with accuracy in design and implementation of processes and actions.

Question is which is the most safest place to…

Singapore has always been known to as the best place to begin your business. However, its not very easy to be an F&B entrepreneur. To understand this, we spoke to a few of the entrepreneur of the same sector.

The country is a center of various culture. The crowd here likes to taste different flavours. People love to try out different dishes and cuisine. Something different in the market is always welcomed with excitement. Also, it is a fact that, If the product has gotten a good demand in the Singapore market, the other Asian countries will also be willing…

Technology is maturing at an unexpected rate with bringing Virtual reality into existence .With time a well-designed content is required to adopt this growing platform.We all are thrilled with the magic created by virtual reality and virtual games. However it does not purely serve us entertainment but also makes our work more efficient, easier and empathetic.

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation that creates an immersive experience for users in a digital environment, has certainly become a popular method of knowledge sharing, and this has led to a huge investment in VR products.

The most powerful manifestation of this potential…

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